Event Recap: Swiss Innovation Challenge 2020

The final pitches of the Swiss Innovation Challenge 2020 were held on The 5th Floor.


  Foto mit Lego-Steinen in verschiedenen Farben   Foto mit Lego-Steinen in verschiedenen Farben

Danuta Cichocka von Resistell

On October 29 and 30, the final pitches of this year's Swiss Innovation Challenge were held on The 5th Floor . Of the 100 participating SMEs and start-ups, the 30 finalists gave a final presentation to the jury. During the eight-month innovation support program, participants were given access to mentoring and coaching programs and had the opportunity to attend free seminars.

"If people can't make it to the awards ceremony, the awards ceremony comes to their homes," says Rainer Maria Salzgeber, moderator of the Swiss Innovation Challenge. That's why yesterday's award ceremony took place during a live stream event. The winner of the Swiss Innovation Challenge was Olga Dubey from AgroSustain . The AgTech start-up focuses on food waste reduction through the development of biological fungicides and coatings.

Danuta Cichocka from Resistell  took 2nd place in the Swiss Innovation Challenge and won the special "Life Sciences" prize. The MedTech Start-Up was founded as a spin-off of the EPFL and develops the fastest alternative to current antibiotic susceptibility tests (AST), which is able to deliver results within a few hours. Resistell has been based in the sitEX Powerhouse since mid 2019 and on The 5th Floor since October 2020.

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