Meet the Member: inQbator

For the eighth issue of our "Meet the Member" interview series, we spoke with Franziska Stemmler (Hemex), David Sutter (BLKB) and Andreas Derzsi (Launchpad) from inQbator AG.


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Coworking Space in The 5th Floor

1.    How did the foundation of inQbator come about and what is the vision?

inQbator arose from the vision to offer regional start-ups the right network, sufficient financial resources and the necessary infrastructure in one program. For this reason, inQbator AG was founded as part of a partnership between Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank, startup mentor and investor Hemex, and global private equity firm Launchpad.

inQbator is the creation of three partners with very complementary backgrounds. The concept of inQbator is therefore the result of combining these three different backgrounds into one overall concept. All three companies were already active in the field of start-up support, but with inQbator this commitment is institutionalized in a larger and more prominent presence. inQbator is intended to establish itself as a complementary offering in the start-up universe. With the long-term support of our portfolio companies, we differentiate ourselves from the temporary accelerator programs.

2.    The inQbator consists of the two accelerator programs "Zero to 100" and "Green to Gold". Can you give us a brief overview of the two accelerator programs?

The "Zero to 100" track provides guided support to companies across all industries that have an innovative solution to a real-world problem. The Green to Gold track has a strong focus on life sciences and related high-tech industries. This specialized track provides startups with a guided path to commercialization of innovative technologies such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, IVD & companion diagnostics, digital health, and animal health products. Three programs, Ignite, Boost, and Momentum, are available for both tracks.

3.    How can companies apply for the inQbator?

Startups can submit their application on the inQbator website. The inQbator team analyzes this application in detail and contacts the start-up within 2 days. In the next step, the start-ups present their company to the inQbator Investment Committee in a 30-minute pitch session. Within a maximum of 1 to 2 weeks after the pitch, start-ups are informed and accepted into the program. A decision will be made whether the company is a better fit for the "Ignite" or "Boost" program.

We welcome all applications on or for detailed questions we are available for an interview via

4.    Why did you choose The 5th Floor as the location for the incubator?

The 5th Floor offers a wide range of different coworking workspaces, which gives our startups with their different needs the possibility to create an individual space program. In addition, The 5th Floor offers the so-called CO.LAB, consisting of approved biology and chemistry labs including basic equipment and access to machines and consumables. Furthermore, The 5th Floor has a 300 square meter event location, which we can use for our future networking or pitching events.