Meet the Member: André Fuchs & Straumann

For the second issue of our interview series "Meet the Member" we spoke with Dr. André Fuchs from the Straumann Group.


  Qnami Team Photo

1. How did you come to the Straumann Group?


Personal contacts were important in this regard. This was triggered by the closure of BASF's Basel research center and the opportunity for me to continue working with 3D printing technology at Straumann.


2. Could you give us a short overview of the Straumann Group?


Straumann is a leading provider in esthetic dentistry, founded by the Straumann family as a research institute in 1954. Today, Straumann is a global, agile, entrepreneurial powerhouse in dentistry; the company is present in over 100 countries through 40 sales subsidiaries.


3. What makes the Straumann Group future-oriented?


Our compoany is always on the cutting edge and invests into new technologies, i.e. digital data processing for the production of individual dental products (no more tedious imprints, but scanning with intraoral scanners) or in the development of new materials for dental products.


4. The Straumann Group is a company founded and based in Basel. What do you particularyl appreciate about this region?


I appreciate the contact to people who have come to Basel from different regions of the world. The geographical location in the border triangle between Switzerland, Germany and France offers great opportunities for excursions and getting to know your neighbours. I have been enjoying working in Basel for almost 20 years.