The 5th Floor Orlando Debuts The 5th Floor Services, Offering Clients Growth Strategy Services via nØught labs

The 5th Floor Orlando (T5F Orlando) is excited to announce the official launch of in-house growth strategy agency, The 5th Floor Services (T5F Services).


The 5th Floor Orlando (T5F Orlando) is excited to announce the official launch of in-house growth strategy agency, The 5th Floor Services (T5F Services). Through an exclusive partnership with nØught labs, a business strategy firm with a global presence, T5F Services will provide T5F Orlando members access to top-quality insights on how they can grow their businesses and achieve their goals.


nØught labs is a boutique growth strategy firm that employs data-driven methods and recommendations to help businesses increase sales, streamline operations, and improve efficiency. Through T5F Services, they will provide clients with a wide range of expertise, including performance marketing and the introduction of digital tools to optimise business performance. Some of their past clients include The 5th Floor’s global network, US-based biometric authentication company Eyelock, and Orlando-based accounting firm CPA Solutions. Having previously only accepted clients via referral or pre-existing partnerships, the firm has been brought on board by T5F Orlando to actualize The 5th Floor’s mission of becoming a global network of co-working spaces that offer more than just a place to work.


“The economic climate post-pandemic is exceedingly unpredictable,” says Beat Kahli, CEO of T5F Orlando. “We’re seeing that businesses today are faced with more challenges than ever. As our reliance on technology increases, many entrepreneurs have been unable to expand due to the lack of reliable services to guide them through these rapid shifts and adoption of new digital tools. With T5F Services, we hope to show our community how to leverage these changes to their best advantage, so they can take their businesses to the next level.


“All this digital talk can be very intimidating, especially for homegrown community businesses. A lot of it is hidden behind a wall of jargon, consultants, and simply isn’t accessible to most people,” says Ravi Kumar, nØught labs’ Chief Executive Officer. “It doesn’t have to be this way. This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for us to bridge this gap and offer real value in helping people navigate these changing times.”


Members of T5F Orlando will be the first to gain access to nØught labs’ comprehensive services and business opportunities for entrepreneurs of all scales. The 5th Floor Services’ full list of services will include but is not limited to: Market research, business model development and analysis, marketing campaigns, custom software & web solutions, and operational improvements. More information regarding these services will be revealed by T5F Orlando in the months to follow.


Professional Co-working Spaces at The 5th Floor Orlando

If you’re looking to kick off your startup, are running your own business, or just need a prepped and ready office space that’s already available for use, The 5th Floor Orlando provides a range of co-working spaces that are suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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