Meet the Member: Marschall Ungar & Qnami

For the first issue of our interview series "Meet the Member" we spoke with Marshal Ungar of Qnami.


  Qnami Team Photo

1. How did you come to Switzerland and how did Qnami come about?


It all started with the lab work of Prof. Dr. Patrick Maletinsky at the University of Basel. Known as a cluster for life sciences, Basel is a vibrant city that offers great opportunities. Since 2016 we have been work enthusiastically to build a global quantum industry from this city in the heart of Europe.


2. Could you give us a short overview of Qnami?


Qnami is a VC-backed high-tech company with its roots at the Physics Department of the University of Basel in Switzerland. It developes fundamental new technology using quantum mechanics. The control state of a single electron enables measurement with precision that could never be achieved before. The technique is called quantum sensing and Qnami is enthusiastically developing it to improve people's lives and the world.


We are currently launching our flagship product, the Qnami ProteusQ . It's the first complete scanning NV (nitrogen-vacancy) microscope for the analysis of magnetic materials at the atomic scale. The Qnami ProteusQ systemcomes with state-of-the-art electronics and software. Its flexible design allows for future adjustments and scaling, expansion and capability upgrades. The proprietary Qnami ProteusQ quantum technology provides high precision images for you to see directly the most subtle properties of your samples and the effect of microscopic changes in your design or fabrication process.


3. What makes Qnami future-oriented?


Extensive academic research and deep knowledge build the ground for all Qnami does. With this technology, Qnami is redefining the common understanding of precision. Qnami offers an open team culture of mutual respect and intercultural understanding which is both business and scientific minded. Qnmai attracts young, multicultural, open and skilled team members, who have deep passion for the work.


4. Qnami is a company founded and based in Basel? What do you particularly appreciate about this region?


Basel lies at the heart of a developing center of expertise in quantum and diamond sensing technologies, running from Ulm, through Stuttgart, Freiburg, Basel and on to Zurich. This gives us access to both extremely high quality talent, as well as extrmeley high quality of life!